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Modern Macrame Class at The Village Haberdashery with Obby

I was sent a book recently called Macrame, by Fanny Zendenius ( Published by Quadrille). I loved and was inspired by all the images in it, but was a bit stumped at how to get started. Macrame is the art of knot tying to create beautiful wall hangings, plant pot holders and even curtains. For the first time in ages  I’ve been inspired to acquire a new craft skill ( well since last week)  so I was delighted when I was invited by the amazing website to come along to the Modern Macrame Class at the newly based The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead. is a totally inspiring creative class booking website, they believe fully that one-on-one learning is the best way and have some wonderful workshops listed.

I arrived a bit early to my class on Saturday morning, the journey from South-London was pretty fast, so it gave me time to have a little mooch around the store. On the first floor of the newly renovated West Hampstead Square my initial impression was how light and bright the space was, more like a studio than a craft cave. Stocked with a sizeable collection of fabrics, yarns and wonderful collection of craft kits, some of which got me drooling! The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and there was a lovely buzz. At the back of the store there was the studio space, surrounded by windows again was light bright and airy.

Once in, I was greeted by our teacher Susana (aka @tentliving) a hugely talented Macrame expert, who showed us some examples of what we could do with the knots we were going to learn in the class. We all used t-shirt yarn and chose our colours, I used coral pink. Next we created a place to hang our wooden sticks, you can use anything at the right height, a clothes rail or even a chair on a table!

We began by using the Larks Head which is basically the way to set up your weaving. Then we worked in left facing square knots and Clove Hitch knots. I felt like I had used some of the knots before for example in friendship bracelet making the Clove Hitch is the same as a Forward Knot and the Square Knot is the same as a Paracord Knot in knitting.

Chatting to the women in the class, some were there because they felt like they weren’t creative but wanted a challenge, some found their day jobs stressful and found craft a great way to break the routine and others were clearly creative and like me wanted to try something new.

The tips you get from an expert in a class really are undeniably the best way to learn. If you fancy trying something new or even fancy hosting your own workshops I would highly recommend taking a peek at, now I’m hooked I’ve ordered some cord and I’m going back to my Macrame book as now it makes complete sense!


Thank you to:

Susana @tentliving

Beth & Tom @obbyuk

The Village Haberdashery @vhaberdashery



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Flora Fizz Champagne Cocktail + frozen flower ice

I do love a cocktail, especially a champagne cocktail, especially one with frozen flowers in the ice! This has beautiful floral undertones and goes down a treat.

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Unicorn Tail (sistership) Cuff

Oh My Unicorn Life, it’s a classic hashtag isnt it! Perhaps the brightest and boldest of them all. I keep seeing friendship bracelets everywhere in fashion at the moment, the technique being used for sandal straps, belts and shirt details. I love the concept, I love my friends and it’s so sweet to share crafts with them. But let’s face it I ain’t 16 no more, I wanted a new name for an adult friendship bracelet that I could give to my friends and was stylish enough to share, hence the Sistership ( kinship or brothership) bracelet. Inspired by this unicorn world we all seem to live in at the moment! I thought I would make a cuff to match.

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Craft DIY Parties

D.I.Y. Giant Felt Blue Himalayan Poppy

I absolutely love poppies I discovered this incredible variety this year since writing my book FlowerBomb! ( which will be out Feb 2018 with Pavilion Books). This flower looks amazing in your hair, make a bunch and pop them in a vase or wrap the wire base around a napkin for a floral fiesta!

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QVC Craft Launch!

Fanfare please! I’m delighted to announce QVC has launched a gorgeous new craft section to their brimming products. And guess who has been recruited to be their Craft Ambassador, you guessed it! Lil ole me… ( cute face).

My role will be to try and test the products, showing you the basics of how to use them and tell you what I really think of them. I’m so delighted to be starting at the very beginning of this crafty journey together, through QVC I will endeavour to bring you some of the most gorgeous craft kits & products in town made by some fabulous people, including Wool and The Gang, The Make Arcade and Selfie Clothing. All of which are notably home grown talent. At the moment I’m having my first test of most of the brands, I just love this “Tender Loving Clutch” by Wool and the Gang, they are such a fashion forward brand. I’ll be honest, I’m no expert knitter, but their kits are so well designed for beginners to advanced. Oh and it’s in lipstick red, my favourite colour!

I’m also loving stitching along with the instantly Instagrammable Make Arcade, the kits are bright and graphic and super fun. With a collection of miniature cross stitch kits and felted Cacti you are spoilt for choice.

Have you seen the Selfie Clothing kits? They are so much fun, they are kids colour in tops with brilliant graphics so perfect for your little budding fashion designers. Fantastically QVC have an exclusive Christmas Design range ( as well as lots of others) so keep your eyes peeled for those.

I really hope you love the products; we are going to start small and grow so any suggestions of the type of kits you would like to see, please comment below. Look forward to hearing from you and see you very soon!



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Top 6 Best Summer Umbrellas

Can you tell I’m English? Yes in the summer it does rain and no we don’t want to carry around a bland black retractable umbrella do we, do we really? Here’s my top 6 summer themed umbrellas from £10-£35.

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Baking Drink

(4 Ingredient) Watermelon Sorbet

The weather has been so beautiful in London recently, so when a giant piece of Watermelon landed in my lap I thought what can I do with this? I looked at lots of recipes that involved lots of stages, but I wanted one that was quick and simple. All you need for this is the watermelon, water, Continue Reading


Beautiful Bunting Necklace

How cute is this project? It is a cute as it is simple and it is a simple as pie! Nothing dresses a summer party better in the UK than bunting so why not dress up your outfit with the spirit of outdoor dining and Pimms on the lawn.

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A Pop Up, Start Up, Cake Up! with Daisy Matthews


I love it when I meet creative people passionate about their dreams, it’s always a lovely thing to see them begin to carve their journey.

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Giant Rosewater Meringue

These meringues are light and fragrant and oh so beautiful. Serve with whipped vanilla cream, sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of pistachios… umm heaven!

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