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My 2018 New Years Resolutions

This year will be a bit broken up and life changing for me. My book FlowerBomb! (see here) will be out in under a month so there will be a full on period of work, then I’m having a baby in April which will mean there will be a full intense period of motherhood. So currently straight into the new year I am obsessively home improving aka nesting like a round hen! What are your resolutions?


at home with Hannah

My Craft Business 2017 Review. Movers and Shakers of the Industry.

I’m delighted to have been featured in Craft Business Magazines 2017 industry review of the year. You can read more by clicking the image link below.

Baking Christmas

Giant Coconut “Snowball” Marshmallows – The perfect festive food gift

These scrumptious marshmallows are so festive, so yummy and so great as a gift. Even a novice baker can make the most delicious squidgy marshmallow and they make an impressive gift for someone with a sweet tooth. This makes 16 extra large marshmallows.

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PERFECTLY PRETTY PRESENTS FOR PARENTS: 100 Pocket Puzzles from the National Trust

I’m actually getting super excited about Christmas this year, especially that I get to spend it at my parents home with my family. Last year we were in India, which was lovely, but not even remotely festive! So when looking for gifts for my parents ( who don’t really need or ask for anything but LOVE things) I’m always a bit flummoxed. I don’t know about you, but my parents love the National Trust, as do I, every-time I visit a property I’m still convinced I’m a re-incarnated princess of some sort and imagine what it was like to live there or roam the gardens. They also are OBSESSED with crosswords, my dad attempts the Times one every week, with a little support (and most of the answers) from my mother. So when I spotted these National Trust Puzzle Books I thought thats a total winner! Only £6.99 each click hereI am totally sold! Not only do they look like pretty little notebooks, their contents is amazing. My hubby and I were trying to figure out some of the answers the other evening lying next to the fire, which was when I learnt that theres such a thing as “Hump Oil” ! I love them so much I may have to retain the Gardens and Flowers edition, attempting to widen my knowledge! Happy parent shopping everyone!

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Christmas Craft

How to make a Christmas Felt Poinsettia

This year, I was lucky enough to take part in the Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas show for Channel 4. On air I made this very festive of flowers, so in case you missed it, here’s how to! Continue Reading

Christmas Craft

My FlowerBomb! Tree – Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas

This year I was delighted to take part in Kirstie Allsopp’s Christmas tree decorating competition for her annual Christmas show Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas.

Having been inspired by flowers all year whilst writing my gorgeous book FlowerBomb! (Out Feb 2018, click here for details), I thought the obvious choice was to create a floral masterpiece.

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Christmas Craft

Magical Christmas Dome House – Sizzix vs Hannah

This year I have joined forces with the wonderful Sizzix to create a magical paper-craft Christmas decoration using your Sizzix Big Shot, a Glass Dome, LED lights and a little imagination. There are so many festive dies to choose from, but I couldn’t resist this little house. Simply follow the video for instructions, below are a link of materials used.

YOU WILL NEED please visit for all materials used.

Sizzix Big Shot

Section of festive dies: I have used the Village Dwelling House, Christmas Tree

Battery controlled LED lights

Glass Dome


Hi Tack Glue

Glue Dots 

Happy Christmas crafting everyone!


Christmas Craft

D.I.Y. Ivy Garland Lights

There is something so magical about Ivy in the winter in England. It grows in abundance and I don’t know if its because ” the holly and the ivy” is one of my favourite carols but I simply love it. So to celebrate its season heres a simple Christmassy craft make.


Selection of green felt sheets, I used approximately 10 sheets per 1.5 meters of Ivy.

Fine green garden wire/cutters

Glue gun

LED lights

Fabric scissors



Following the ivy template, cut out equal numbers of the three sizes of leaf in a selection of colours. I’ve made mine around 7cm, 10cm and 15cm wide.

Cut the thin wire into lengths around 20cm long, use the hot glue to attach the base of the leaf to the tip of the wire.

Starting with a small leaf, twist the base onto another small leafs wire, so there is around 4/6cm wires gap. Repeat this until all the small leaves are attached, then add the medium then the large leaves.

Once complete wrap the led lights around the garland.

They look great draped over a photo frame on on a mantelpiece.


Christmas Craft

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards

There’s just something about Washi Tape that’s totally addictive, the cross between stickers and tape in beautiful colours always catches my eye. I simply love this set from First Edition which uses all my favourite hues of pink, gold foil and turquoise. You can use them in so many different ways, but this year I decided to make my Christmas tree cards from the beautiful range from Trimcraft, links below to products. Continue Reading

Craft DIY fashion

QVC How to make the Happy Daze Bobble Hat with Hannah & Wool and The Gang

I didn’t quite realise how easy it was to knit a bobble hat until I tried out this pattern from Wool and the Gang, Click here for the kit.