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Style in the City! Cover girl and 6 page feature in the Sewing Network OUT NOW!

Press play and check out their little Instagram video of some of the projects below!

I am so delighted to see the 6 page spread of some of my Sew London projects in this months gorgeous The Craft Newtwork Sewing Magazine! This is only the fourth issue of the mag and I really think it’s one to watch, as there are so many up to date projects in there for all sewing abilities.

The projects from the “Style in the City” feature are dear to me for many reasons, firstly, I am a Londoner and I can’t tell you how much fun we had shooting the projects on the streets of my hometown, secondly of course its great to have lovely photos taken of you by the super talented Ms Tiffany Mumford. Thirdly and most importantly, you may or may not know that I wrote two sewing books last year, one was to be called Sew London and the other Sew NYC. After completing the books, the publisher (Kyle Books) I was working with ripped the rug from under my feet and pulled the plug on the project. I of course was devastated. It wasn’t an easy thing having a 1 year old and trying to work at the same time around the clock, every nap time and evening. I could say my confidence in sewing was a little dented, as they were not gentle with me ( waaawhaa poor baby!) So I was over the moon when the wonderful Jennifer Morgan ( from Craft Network),  took one look at the projects an commissioned them immediately!

If you like sewing, do go out and grab yourself a copy and tell me what you think!