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PERFECTLY PRETTY PRESENTS FOR PARENTS: 100 Pocket Puzzles from the National Trust

I’m actually getting super excited about Christmas this year, especially that I get to spend it at my parents home with my family. Last year we were in India, which was lovely, but not even remotely festive! So when looking for gifts for my parents ( who don’t really need or ask for anything but LOVE things) I’m always a bit flummoxed. I don’t know about you, but my parents love the National Trust, as do I, every-time I visit a property I’m still convinced I’m a re-incarnated princess of some sort and imagine what it was like to live there or roam the gardens. They also are OBSESSED with crosswords, my dad attempts the Times one every week, with a little support (and most of the answers) from my mother. So when I spotted these National Trust Puzzle Books I thought thats a total winner! Only £6.99 each click hereI am totally sold! Not only do they look like pretty little notebooks, their contents is amazing. My hubby and I were trying to figure out some of the answers the other evening lying next to the fire, which was when I learnt that theres such a thing as “Hump Oil” ! I love them so much I may have to retain the Gardens and Flowers edition, attempting to widen my knowledge! Happy parent shopping everyone!

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Flora Forager, a seasonal journal collected from nature

Flora Forager aka Bridget Beth Collins has had the kind of success story I love to see on Instagram. I started following her feed around a year ago, she makes the most intricately exquisite masterpieces from flowers, twigs, leaves… Anything natural. The designs are sometimes homages to artistic masters but often totally original ideas. Through her original art she has developed a mass social media following and become a social influencer leading to artwork commissions for magazines such as Country Living and House and Garden.

She says “I love to adventure into the wildflower woodlands, mossy waterfalls, and grey sand starry expanses of the Pacific Northwest. I forage almost all of my creations from foliage and flowers plucked from our sidewalks, meadows, and woods in our neighbourhood. I have a small garden in the city, and my mother has a big rambling secret garden filled with old english roses in the sea town of Edmonds where I grew up.

I graduated with honours from Seattle Pacific University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. I grew up in the wings so to speak, and am a product of all its dark, magical, sparkly world. Though the only stage I current now is the constant one I live in. I spend my days painting, writing, and playing with my boys. (There’s a great deal of mundane thrown in, but that’s a bore to add to a bio).”

Maybe I noticed her magical work because of my own passion for fairytale, she like me studied the theatre, has a boy and LOVES flowers!

I would urge you to buy a copy of her glorious journal, to be inspired every day of the year Flora Forager: A Seasonal Journal Collected from Nature

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Make Your Own Christmas Jumper Book

“Back in the early 2000s, we all laughed at Bridget Jones turned her nose up at Mark Darcy’s tasteless reindeer jumper that his mother forced him to wear. We have come a long way since then, and these days he probably wouldn’t be the only guest turning up to the party in a novelty knit. In face, today Bridget would likely been asking why his reindeer didn’t have any sequins or LED lights on it!” Make Your Own Christmas Jumper by Nicolette Lafonseca

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