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Flora Fizz Champagne Cocktail + frozen flower ice

I do love a cocktail, especially a champagne cocktail, especially one with frozen flowers in the ice! This has beautiful floral undertones and goes down a treat.

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(4 Ingredient) Watermelon Sorbet

The weather has been so beautiful in London recently, so when a giant piece of Watermelon landed in my lap I thought what can I do with this? I looked at lots of recipes that involved lots of stages, but I wanted one that was quick and simple. All you need for this is the watermelon, water, Continue Reading

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A Years Supply of Elderflower Cordial Recipe!

I have very vivid memories as a kid of our annual elderflower picking trip, it always felt very exciting and a little bit naughty as we would literally jump out of my mums cream 2CV somewhere along the railway lines near our house and grab as many of the flower heads as we could before speeding off ( I say speeding, not sure a 2CV can do that!). We would get the lot home and my mother would boil down the sugary mixture on the hob, the smell was evocative. We would drink most of it before it even got cool, but that was part of the fun. To be honest as I grew up, I forgot the joys of elderflower. It wasn’t until about 6 years a go I noticed a resurgence on the supermarket shelves when Belvoir released the very prettily bottled elderflower cordial and I began to get a taste of it again. This time of year, the flowers grow everywhere, in parks, by railway lines and in unkept front gardens! As I live in an urban part of London you wouldn’t necessarily think there would be lots of green space, but there is so much to be foraged, even in the city, so get hunting.
This recipe includes citric acid, which may be trickier to purchase than simply going into a local chemist ( as apparently addicts use it to shoot up, eek!). So I would suggest make things simple and buy it on amazon click here !
N.B. this recipe makes 8 ltrs of the cordial, thats around 6-8 bottles. If this is too much for your requirements you can half the ingredients required.

40 heads of elderflowers

4 unwaxed lemons

3ltrs water

5kgs white sugar ( granulated or caster)

160g citric acid


extra large saucepan

muslin or thin tea towel


Sterilised bottles for the syrup


To clean your elderflowers, firstly give them a good shake outside, as there may be a few little insects hiding. Next wash them with cold water in the sink. Trim the stems right up to the base of the flowers.

Place the flowers into an extra large saucepan, then grate the zest of the 4 lemons on top. Slice the lemons into rounds and add to the pot.

Add the citric acid.

Next add the 3ltrs of water and put on the hob to boil. Once it has reached boiling point turn off hob and leave to one side. I would suggest leaving mixture to stew for 24 -48 hours.

To strain away the flowers and lemons, line a colander with the muslin ( I used one of my sons old ones!) then in batches ladle liquid through into a saucepan.

Pour the sugar on top of the liquid and place on the hob to boil for 5 minutes.

Allow to cool fully before dispensing into the serialised bottles.

Check out Pintrest for a list of inspiring elderflower drinks ideas