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Modern Macrame Class at The Village Haberdashery with Obby

I was sent a book recently called Macrame, by Fanny Zendenius ( Published by Quadrille). I loved and was inspired by all the images in it, but was a bit stumped at how to get started. Macrame is the art of knot tying to create beautiful wall hangings, plant pot holders and even curtains. For the first time in ages  I’ve been inspired to acquire a new craft skill ( well since last week)  so I was delighted when I was invited by the amazing website to come along to the Modern Macrame Class at the newly based The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead. is a totally inspiring creative class booking website, they believe fully that one-on-one learning is the best way and have some wonderful workshops listed.

I arrived a bit early to my class on Saturday morning, the journey from South-London was pretty fast, so it gave me time to have a little mooch around the store. On the first floor of the newly renovated West Hampstead Square my initial impression was how light and bright the space was, more like a studio than a craft cave. Stocked with a sizeable collection of fabrics, yarns and wonderful collection of craft kits, some of which got me drooling! The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and there was a lovely buzz. At the back of the store there was the studio space, surrounded by windows again was light bright and airy.

Once in, I was greeted by our teacher Susana (aka @tentliving) a hugely talented Macrame expert, who showed us some examples of what we could do with the knots we were going to learn in the class. We all used t-shirt yarn and chose our colours, I used coral pink. Next we created a place to hang our wooden sticks, you can use anything at the right height, a clothes rail or even a chair on a table!

We began by using the Larks Head which is basically the way to set up your weaving. Then we worked in left facing square knots and Clove Hitch knots. I felt like I had used some of the knots before for example in friendship bracelet making the Clove Hitch is the same as a Forward Knot and the Square Knot is the same as a Paracord Knot in knitting.

Chatting to the women in the class, some were there because they felt like they weren’t creative but wanted a challenge, some found their day jobs stressful and found craft a great way to break the routine and others were clearly creative and like me wanted to try something new.

The tips you get from an expert in a class really are undeniably the best way to learn. If you fancy trying something new or even fancy hosting your own workshops I would highly recommend taking a peek at, now I’m hooked I’ve ordered some cord and I’m going back to my Macrame book as now it makes complete sense!


Thank you to:

Susana @tentliving

Beth & Tom @obbyuk

The Village Haberdashery @vhaberdashery



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Top 6 Best Summer Umbrellas

Can you tell I’m English? Yes in the summer it does rain and no we don’t want to carry around a bland black retractable umbrella do we, do we really? Here’s my top 6 summer themed umbrellas from £10-£35.

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Christmas Creative Living Shopping

Box & Bow, a little box of happy on your doorstep

When I received my Box & Bow Christmas package on my doorstep, I got a little magical feeling. What’s this? As I unwrapped the package there were four lovely festive gifts; a beautiful bottle of mulled cider syrup, star chocolate pop, wooden tree sprinkles, perfect for a party table or to put in Christmas cards and bar of Candy Cane chocolate. All dressed up beautifully with a little hay and Christmas ribbon. Continue Reading

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10 of the best light box slogans on Pinterest

This year has seen the rise of the Light Box, the fun little light that can make you laugh with its adjustable slogan. With so many brands producing them for around £20 its a brilliant thing to have in your home, literally marking in words your current mood, favourite saying or party names.

Here are my favourite slogans from Pinterest. You can buy your own here.


With my husband working on his start-up this year and a cousin who has been there at the beginning of Uber, this really resinates in my house!


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HobbyCraft July Haul! My £20 bargains

So this month I visited my local HC to see what bargains they had on offer… Firstly I’ll admit my eyes did a cartoon bOyOyOyng when I spied this ginormous bucket of clay for only £10, I keep seeing and adding gorgeous Pinterest posts for air-dry clay ideas to my page, pretty plant pots and doily stencils, so I’m really keen to have a go myself. I also managed to get two balls of sumptuous Rowan wool, which I thought I could use to make some sort of Macramé plant holders for my new pots. In addition I got this cute graphic “My Guy” themed card book from Trimcraft, which will come in very useful for card making. I have been working more and more on sewing patterns recently, having a 6 page spread in the Sewing Networks mag this month, I thought it was time to expand my tool kit! So this pattern marker is very helpful indeed. And finally I got a selection of those puffy stickers for my little boy, who is going through a sticker phase at the moment. He is totally addicted and HC seem to do some really great ones.

Thanks HobbyCraft, I’m excited to get going on my new projects!

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Current obsession… A brief history of the (floral) bomber jacket

Now I remember bomber jackets from when I was a kid, all the big scary girls & boys wore them, I guess every generation seems to think they own the rights to each fashion wave, but we don’t, most of it is recycled. The first time the world saw the bomber would have been during the first world war, where they were created for pilots thats why they were also known as flight jackets. The idea was that the jacket could keep them warm whilst they could move freely. The shape and design has grown in popularity since then and has many resurgences. Its main feature is the elasticated sleeves and waist that hugs its wearer. Most also have a zip up the front and have loose fabric within the jacket.

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Shop Luxury Easter Eggs

For me, theres no point in getting any old egg. Over are the days of receiving loads of eggs with crap chocolate then getting a headache from eating too much! Now less is certainly more and no all your Easter eggs don’t have to be eaten on actual Easter day!

  1. Hotel Chocolate, White & Light Extra Thick Easter Egg, £27. 2. Charbonnel et Walker, Easter Egg Fine Milk And Dark Chocolate Selection Box, £35. 3. Prestat, Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, £16 4. Charbonnel et Walker, Milk Chocolate Easter Egg With Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, from £26.00 5. Laduree, Ivory Chocolate Egg Perfumed with Rose Flavours, £15.20-$42.70 6. Laduree, Green chocolate hen, £7.60.  7. Bettys, Large Chocolate Spring Flowers Egg, £49.95