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D.I.Y. Toy Story Kids Party Bags & 25% off with Baker Ross

So this week my baby is turning 4… 4! Where did all that time go? And he has requested a Toy Story party for him and all his friends. Call me crazy, we are having it at our house. Eek! With a February birthday, by the time I even thought about booking somewhere after Christmas, in London, I had no chance! ( note to self must book venue in October next year).

I’ll admit it, when it comes to kids party bags Baker Ross is my number 1 destination. They literally sell the best bulk buy small toys and crafts at the best prices. Here are a few things we are putting in our bags this year!

Oh and guess what, the kind folks there are giving you a whole 25% any of your purchases if you use the code HANNAH25 . So go ahead, theres no excuse not to get your party bag game on!

TO MAKE THESE TOY STORY ALIEN BAGS all I did was simply attach three large self adhesive googly eyes to the party bag.

This was the result. Then I filled the bags with lots of goodies!

I love the light up robot key rings!

The kids are going to have fun with their funny eye glasses and blow-moustaches!

Who doest love a mini finger monster!

Remember you can get your 25% off by using code HANNAH25. Happy crafting x

Baking Drink Parties

Flora Fizz Champagne Cocktail + frozen flower ice

I do love a cocktail, especially a champagne cocktail, especially one with frozen flowers in the ice! This has beautiful floral undertones and goes down a treat.

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Craft DIY Parties

D.I.Y. Giant Felt Blue Himalayan Poppy

I absolutely love poppies I discovered this incredible variety this year since writing my book FlowerBomb! ( which will be out Feb 2018 with Pavilion Books). This flower looks amazing in your hair, make a bunch and pop them in a vase or wrap the wire base around a napkin for a floral fiesta!

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Christmas Craft Parties

Yarn Candy Lollipop Party Nameplaces

hrbtablelollyThese are just the sweetest little pops of fun for your party table, now all you need to do is make the food!


Thick wool, red and white ( I’ve used DMC wool)

PVA Glue

Candy or lollipop sticks

Sheet of white paper or thin card

Gift tags

Bakers twine



First, cut out the paper backing for the lollipops. I have drawn around a small cup, circles will need to be around xcm diameter.

Next, stick the lollipop sicks centrally to the paper.

To add the yard, cover the paper circle with glue. Pair up the white and red wool and starting from the centre stick down using a circular motion. Keep going until you get to the edge of the paper, then trim away ends. Use and extra blob of glue and secure, tucking ends underneath.

Allow to dry fully.

Write names onto gift tags and attach with bakers twine.


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My Halloween Party Table

img_5404This is the third year in a row we have hosted a baby & toddler halloween get together, so I conclude this may be becoming a tradition! As a kid I do remember going trick or treating, but costumes were most defiantly hand made and not readily available in supermarkets. Sweets were most defiantly not Halloween branded, you’d be lucky to get a Quality Street. One of our neighbours used to actually give away his 1p & 2p collection in little brown bags! But this year the shops have grown their ranges massively and there are some fantastic things you can get. Needless to say, I do love Halloween and luckily so does my son!

I have a bag of props in the attic that are mainly bought from the pound shops. Much like Christmas, I buy a few new bits every year and chuck out the ones that are a bit passed it. This year I bought a giant glitter skull from Sainsbury’s and my Fred and Friends cookie cutters, which I am obsessed with ( see above and below). You can see them here on Amazon, they are amazing!


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