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Scumptious Marbled Easter Chocolates 

This is a cute Eastery version of my Scrumptious Chocolate Block recipe from my book Girls’ Night In. So you have seen these in expensive chocolatiers, now is the time to make your own. Using Easter shaped cookie cutters you can theme your chocolates. They make gorgeous gifts for your loved ones, or even pop them into plastic bags and scatter them around an Easter Egg Hunt! Its best to use quality chocolate for them to be absolutely scrumptious. It’s a fun one you can make to your own tastes, adding more or less of one type of chocolate and sprinkling over nuts or candied fruits for extra interest.


6 x 200g bars of best quality chocolate, dark, milk or white.


Small Easter cookie cutters

Silicone Swiss roll baking sheet 

Flat baking sheet


Choose a minimum of 2 x 200g bars of the same chocolate for your base.

In separate heatproof bowls, break the chocolate into small squares and melt over steaming water. Stir until smooth.

Place the Swiss roll sheet into the metal baking sheet for stability. 

Pour the base chocolate, in this case dark chocolate in first, then the milk and white, creating lines as you pour.

With a metal skewer make zigzags in lines to disrupt the chocolate. 

Next sprinkle lines of 100s & 1000s along the chocolate. 

Allow to cool slightly before you transport to a shelf in the fridge.

Once it is hard, remove from fridge and cut out the shapes, you can dip the metal cutters into some very hot water to make it easier to cut.

Once cut out, place back in the fridge until ready to serve. Or put into gift bags as a wonderful Easter treat! 


Silk Dyed Eggs

Is this a magic Easter trick that can only be performed by the Easter Bunny? Why no it’s not, but it could be! These amazing patterns can be translated simply onto the eggs with only a little effort. So dig out that scarf you were thinking on giving to the charity shop, that garish tie you DO NOT want your husband to wear any more or that blouse you bought ages years ago sitting at the back of your wardrobe! If they are 100% silk then you can use them.


  • Large or extra-large raw eggs, speckle free
  • Large saucepan
  • Scissors
  • Pieces of 100 percent silk, large enough to cover an egg
  • Squares of white cotton, enough to cover eggs
  • 3 tablespoons white vinegar
  • Elastic bands
  • Water
  • Tongs or spoon
  • Cooling rack or ceramic egg holder



Cut silk into pieces large enough to wrap around a raw egg.

Tightly wrap the with a piece of silk, making sure the printed side of the material is facing the egg. Secure with an elastic band.

Place the silk-wrapped egg in a piece of undyed cotton and secure tightly with another elastic band

Place egg(s) n the saucepan and cover eggs with water.  Add three tablespoons of white vinegar to the water.

Bring to a boil, turn heat down, and simmer for 40 minutes or longer.

Remove eggs from water with tongs or spoon, place on a cooling rack or ceramic egg holder, and let cool.

Remove silk from cooled egg.


at home with Hannah Craft

Luxury Drinks Glass Soy Candles

These soy wax candles are so pretty and oh so simple to make. A great way to use some of those pretty glasses you haven’t used much, because of course you can use them again after the candle has melted. Or why not as I have done make a batch and buy some cheap glasses from to give as a gifts.

NB. I bought all candle making ingredients from Hobbycraft

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Craft DIY Fashion

Crocheted Heart & Tassel Earrings

Show the world your love ( and your amazing crocheting skills) with this super cute pair of earrings. Once you get the technique for making these nothing will stop you making a million.

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Christmas Craft

Giant Hula Hoop Pom Pom Wreath

I have been working on this glorious wreath for quite a few evenings over the festive period, hand making the pom-poms with my pompom maker. Essentially it is pretty simple to make, but it is a project that will take you a little while to complete. So its best to grab yourself a tray, your pompom making materials and turn on the television!

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Christmas Craft DIY Fashion

Big & Little Polar Bear Christmas Jumpers

This year I wanted to design my husband and son a matching Christmas jumper each, then came up with the idea of a “big bear & little bear” theme. I have teamed up with the glorious Jennie Maizels iron on patches , which are so much fun for personalising practically anything. The design is to celebrate Save the Children Christmas Jumper day on December 16th.

It’s a great charity to support, by sticking on a daft sweater, signing up and donating £2 to Save the Children (£1 if you’re at school) at you’ll be saving children’s lives, and helping the charity do whatever it takes to make sure the world’s forgotten children get the chance to have a brighter future.

If your festive sweater from last year just isn’t silly enough, why not head to your nearest Save the Children store where they are calling out for people to donate their unwanted Christmas jumpers.

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Christmas Craft

High Gloss Colour Block Dipped Ceramic Baubles


If like me you purchase or make a new Christmas tree decoration every year, this could really be the make for you. This year I have discovered ceramic craft baubles in a BIG way, they are all over Etsy and Not On The High Street. Some decorated, some personalised and I’ll let you in on a little secret, they are cheap to buy and decorate yourself. I’ve gone for quite a graphic decorative look on mine working with metal paint and Sparkle Medium.

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Christmas Craft

Free printable! Gold foil ” To your good elf ” Christmas cards

I love a bit of gold foil, lets be honest, who doesn’t. So when I decided to design my christmas cards this year, I rummaged around in the attic and pulled out my gold foiling machine. It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to use it and quite honestly the process is addictive! I bought this First Edition one from Amazon, but there are other brands available, this seemed just the most cost effective and its really easy to use.

To use the machine make sure you have a laser printer, I didn’t have one when I first purchased the machine, which was my fault but a bit annoying. So I ordered the cheapest Mac compatible one I could find, which was this one. 

This year I have designed a free printable Elf pattern, he’s just so cute. I’ve added a few stars, which give a sweet finish, also something the kids could help you with too.


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Christmas Craft Parties

Yarn Candy Lollipop Party Nameplaces

hrbtablelollyThese are just the sweetest little pops of fun for your party table, now all you need to do is make the food!


Thick wool, red and white ( I’ve used DMC wool)

PVA Glue

Candy or lollipop sticks

Sheet of white paper or thin card

Gift tags

Bakers twine



First, cut out the paper backing for the lollipops. I have drawn around a small cup, circles will need to be around xcm diameter.

Next, stick the lollipop sicks centrally to the paper.

To add the yard, cover the paper circle with glue. Pair up the white and red wool and starting from the centre stick down using a circular motion. Keep going until you get to the edge of the paper, then trim away ends. Use and extra blob of glue and secure, tucking ends underneath.

Allow to dry fully.

Write names onto gift tags and attach with bakers twine.


Craft Sewing

My Angel Doll Christmas Workshop at Stag and Bow

There is something truly magical about finishing a doll. They really do come to life in the final touches. I’ve been making rag dolls for quite a few years now, one of my most famous ones was Mr Dandy White Rabbit from my book Everything Alice. My skills are home grown, but have been improved over the years and I always try to feature a doll in every book I write.

On Sunday 11th December I have excitingly been invited to host an all day Angel Doll making workshop at my local  South-East London craft store Stag and Bow. It will be an all day event with a glass of bubbly and lunch provided.

In the class you can learn lots of lovely things about doll making and come home with your very own little Angel for your tree. The perfect heirloom craft to keep or give as a gift. Attendees should be comfortable using a sewing machine, fabric scissors and know simple hand stitching techniques, but by no means an expert sewer. All materials are included but please feel free to bring along some special keepsake textiles and trims that you might want to use.

We will be embroidering the dolls face, creating her outfit and some spectacular rainbow colour hair! Not forgetting her little wings and hairband.

For more details please see – I hope to see you there!

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