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QVC How to make the Happy Daze Bobble Hat with Hannah & Wool and The Gang

I didn’t quite realise how easy it was to knit a bobble hat until I tried out this pattern from Wool and the Gang, Click here for the kit.

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Current obsession… A brief history of the (floral) bomber jacket

Now I remember bomber jackets from when I was a kid, all the big scary girls & boys wore them, I guess every generation seems to think they own the rights to each fashion wave, but we don’t, most of it is recycled. The first time the world saw the bomber would have been during the first world war, where they were created for pilots thats why they were also known as flight jackets. The idea was that the jacket could keep them warm whilst they could move freely. The shape and design has grown in popularity since then and has many resurgences. Its main feature is the elasticated sleeves and waist that hugs its wearer. Most also have a zip up the front and have loose fabric within the jacket.

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