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Craft is not just for Christmas. 5 reasons the festive season get’s us making.

Tis the season to be jolly, to decorate our homes with random pieces of delight and get ready for the biggest celebration of the year. So what makes the most non-crafty of us get the urge to pull out some glue and glitter and join the surge of creativity at this time of year?


Image by Erica Hoida

Image by Erica Hoida

Burrr, yes it is a little chilly. Those long walks in the park and being outside in the warm weather have passed. It’s time to keep warm and cosy inside, but what to do? Yes there is the TV, but actually there are things you can make too, the decorations for the tree, the wreath for the front door or even Christmas cards for your friends. With more time on our hands inside, it’s no wonder we are more tempted to get making.


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Photo from Elf the movie

Christmas is a busy time, some people may say stressful. There are people to see, places to go, shopping to get done and  cooking to plan. All of these stresses mean adrenaline will kick in at some point and maybe just maybe this pushes us to get even more done than usual. Crafting a pom pom may not be something you think about any other time of year, but with a little extra adrenaline maybe you will make 100!


Photo by Hannah Read-Baldrey

Photo by Hannah Read-Baldrey

We all remember the joys at school of sticking our hands in a paper plate of paint and making hand prints, cutting out paper snowflakes and brushing everything with smelly PVA glue and sprinkling it with glitter. Proudly handing our work to our teachers or our parents or grandparents. Decorating our classroom with christmas cheer was so exciting, magical, good memories. After all who is Christmas really for? Every year it reignites the child in us, no matter how big and important we think we have become.

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We do get very sentimental around this time of year. We remember years gone past, missing loved ones and happy memories. Personalisation is now king in gift giving and what is the ultimate personalisation? Make your own of course. Wether is a stocking with a child’s initials, a candle made with your Granny’s favourite smell or and angel for the Christmas tree in the likeness of your mother ( ugh don’t make me cry) the more meaning, the better the gift and the more wholesome we feel.



Let’s be honest, we are a consumer society. We buy and buy and buy, by the time we get to Christmas often there is nothing we actually want, because we have bought it for ourselves. We also have so many people to buy for and what is the expectation of those gifts? For friends who you want to give a token gift, making the same one for everyone is such a good solution, perhaps a bauble or a little decoration, click here for my latest how to. It will save you cash and they will love it!


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