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Box & Bow, a little box of happy on your doorstep

When I received my Box & Bow Christmas package on my doorstep, I got a little magical feeling. What’s this? As I unwrapped the package there were four lovely festive gifts; a beautiful bottle of mulled cider syrup, star chocolate pop, wooden tree sprinkles, perfect for a party table or to put in Christmas cards and bar of Candy Cane chocolate. All dressed up beautifully with a little hay and Christmas ribbon.

Essentially a gift hamper in a box, the right size to fit through your letterbox. Perfect gifting for those (probably most of us) who may not be in all day to receive a parcel. So it’s a guaranteed delivery for its reciprocate.

The Box & Bow range is not just limited to Christmas, they have an entire range perfect for birthdays and other celebrations. A little box of happy on your doorstep.

So when my YouTube producer Chantelle informed me she was leaving the company we both worked for and setting up shop with her new idea for a letterbox gifting company, I was both happy and sad. Of course I would miss working with her, but I was overwhelmingly delighted that another clearly talented friend of mine would be working on making a successful start up this year.
Visit the website and take a look for yourself and get your orders in for Christmas!

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