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D.I.Y. Easy Leather Strap Shelf

I’m a little bit obsessed with this shelf, I wanted to create the perfect place to hang my Flower Windows, for those of you who follow my instagram page you will have had a seek peek of the project from my next book FlowerBomb! The shelf is so simple to make and a good excuse to go and visit your local wood yard. I actually picked this off cut up for free, always go check the pile before you buy.


Wooden plank cut to size of shelf, this shelf is 80cm

180cm length by 3.5-4cm leather belt strap blank, available from ebay or etsy

Leather hole punch

2 x wall hooks & wall plugs

Drill, for wall


Decide where you want to hang your shelf and drill two holes into the wall. Make their width around 15cm smaller than the length of your shelf. Make sure they are in line with each other, you can use a spirit level for this.

Push the wall plugs into the holes then screw in the hooks.

Cut the leather strap into two.

Hold a leather strap up to the wall and double check the length you want.

Simply use the leather punch to make a hole centrally 2-3cm from the end of the straps.

To hang, place shelf in the middle of the two straps and hook the holes over the hooks.

Decorate with light-medium weight ornaments.

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