Beautiful Bunting Necklace

How cute is this project? It is a cute as it is simple and it is a simple as pie! Nothing dresses a summer party better in the UK than bunting so why not dress up your outfit with the spirit of outdoor dining and Pimms on the lawn.


64cms gold chain

Gold clasp

2 x jump rings

5-6 colours of Leatherette in pastel colours, you only need a small amount of each

Leather hole punch

Jewellery pliers



Cut out 10 small triangles of leather all the same size, approximately 4cm height/ 3cm width.

Using the leather punch on the 3mm setting, make two holes at the top corners of the bunting piece.Thread the gold chain through the holes, so that the middle section of chain sits behind the bunting piece, arranging your colours as you go.

Use pliers to attach the jump rings and then clasp and ends of the chain.


The original version of this project is from my book Girls Night In published by Quadrille Publishing.



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