Unicorn Tail (sistership) Cuff

Oh My Unicorn Life, it’s a classic hashtag isnt it! Perhaps the brightest and boldest of them all. I keep seeing friendship bracelets everywhere in fashion at the moment, the technique being used for sandal straps, belts and shirt details. I love the concept, I love my friends and it’s so sweet to share crafts with them. But let’s face it I ain’t 16 no more, I wanted a new name for an adult friendship bracelet that I could give to my friends and was stylish enough to share, hence the Sistership ( kinship or brothership) bracelet. Inspired by this unicorn world we all seem to live in at the moment! I thought I would make a cuff to match.


DMC Natura XL in 41 pink, 61 purple and 81 yellow.

DMC Natura just cotton, turquoise and cerise

Masking tape

Large button

Tapestry needle

Needle and thread


To begin and end the bracelet we must make a knotted loop. This will hold the threads in place and looks far neater than just a knot of all the yarns. Follow the stages and the images below for best results.


Choose your wool colours, cut into 2m lengths and fold in half.

The first loop you make needs to be around 4cm in length. Cut the yellow wool to about 30cm and tie slightly to the left of the folded yarns.

Tie a knot and create a forward knot, thats a knot thats end goes under and through the back ( see image). keep tying the knots until you have bound the yarn for 4cm. then tie the ends together in a knot and trim.



Once your loop is complete, tape it using masking tape to a tray or worktop, you don’t want the bracelet to move around.

Lay the threads out so they mirror one another, here I have the two pink on the outside, then the two purple within them then the yellow.

Using the forward knot technique attach the pink yarn to the purple: To do this create a 4 shape with the pink yarn and wrap around the back then pull the end through tightly to the base, repeat this so you have two knots.

Next tie the pink to the yellow yarn in the same way.

Then work from the other side, the opposite way around which is called a backward knot. Knotting the backward 4 shape to the purple then yellow twice as before.

Finally double knot the two pink yarns in the middle.

Repeat this process for as long as you want your bracelet.


To create a straight line for the base of the bracelet, simply tie the outward yarns inward twice with no knot in the middle. Then the next outer yarns inwards once.


Tie the yarns together so they are around 2.5cm in length.

Tie with a tight knot and trim away ends.

Cut a piece of the yellow yarn around 35cm long and knot close to the base of the left hand side of the loop.

Use the forward knot technique to knot around the loop.

Finish with a tight knot and trim away the end.


Using the thinner Natura just cotton yarn, wrap around your fingers 5 times.

Use a smaller section of the wool to tie a tight double knot at the top of the wrapped wool.

Trim the ends to about 3cm.

Stitch onto the bracelet with the cerese wool using the tapestry needle.

Finally add a button to the end of the bracelet with the smallest loop.


Hope you have fun wearing or gifting yours! Remember you can show me your makes @couturecraft by tagging me in.


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