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TEA FOR MINI FOLK – Small and Wild

I often think how clever my friends are with their craft work, dress designs and illustrations. This is one of those times, my ingenious friend Rebecca Coletto and her business partner Katie Towers have come up with an idea we all wish we had had, tea for kids. They have recently launched their brand Small and Wild.

Simple really, we all as adults love tea, it’s warm and comforting. Unlike juices there are no additives or added sugars. Their herbal blends are geared to kiddies taste buds and branded with charming animal characters such as Jolly Crock, banana, strawberry and apple tea and Snoozy Fox, camomile, spearmint and lavender. To be honest, the tea is so premium it tastes far better than many of the herbal tea brands I drink too! my only concern was what the colour was going to be like, as you know what kids are like… and I was delighted too see the bright hues the bags produce, all from natural sources such as blue pea flowers.

I’m so impressed by this British start-up, the brand currently have four delicious flavour to choose from shop here all for a very reasonable £5.25 a box. If you have a little one, they are well worth a try, especially if they want to be grown up like mummy and are a bit of a juice addict!

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