Christmas Craft

D.I.Y. Ivy Garland Lights

There is something so magical about Ivy in the winter in England. It grows in abundance and I don’t know if its because ” the holly and the ivy” is one of my favourite carols but I simply love it. So to celebrate its season heres a simple Christmassy craft make.


Selection of green felt sheets, I used approximately 10 sheets per 1.5 meters of Ivy.

Fine green garden wire/cutters

Glue gun

LED lights

Fabric scissors



Following the ivy template, cut out equal numbers of the three sizes of leaf in a selection of colours. I’ve made mine around 7cm, 10cm and 15cm wide.

Cut the thin wire into lengths around 20cm long, use the hot glue to attach the base of the leaf to the tip of the wire.

Starting with a small leaf, twist the base onto another small leafs wire, so there is around 4/6cm wires gap. Repeat this until all the small leaves are attached, then add the medium then the large leaves.

Once complete wrap the led lights around the garland.

They look great draped over a photo frame on on a mantelpiece.


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