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Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards

There’s just something about Washi Tape that’s totally addictive, the cross between stickers and tape in beautiful colours always catches my eye. I simply love this set from First Edition which uses all my favourite hues of pink, gold foil and turquoise. You can use them in so many different ways, but this year I decided to make my Christmas tree cards from the beautiful range from Trimcraft, links below to products.


Set of Washi Tape, I used these

Set of A6 card blanks 

Mini Gemstones



To begin use the 8mm gold striped tape to make the tree stem and branches.

Then using a wider 2cm take create the base/bucket.

Run a line of the thinnest 3mm tape along the top.

Next, create a star from the wider tape, by cutting two triangles out and laying them over the top of each other.

Finally add some mini gemstone decorations.

Post or hand to someone very special !

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