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Covent Garden Flower Girl Necklace

This was a project I designed for the Sewing Network for an issue earlier on in the year. We had great fun shooting around and about in my home town of London. Was so much fun being a tourist for the day.

Covent Garden is an historic shopping area of London, its cobbled streets are home to boutique shops, nestled amongst theatres, pubs and street performers. In its former life it was London’s largest indoor & outdoor, fruit, vegetable and flower market. Often orphans would work as Flower Girls selling posies of flowers to passers buy, as well as stalls selling blooms. But the surrounding roads became so congested the Covent Garden Flower market had to be moved, now residing a few miles away in Nine Elms.

This necklace looks so pretty in a range of colours, so you can make one for all seasons.

styleinthecity021 styleinthecity027YOU WILL NEED

5 x 10cm by 50cm different mixed patterned fabrics

5 x 1.5cm width buttons

5 x .5mm width approx. pearl beads

50cm approx. long simple chain necklace

25cm length by 1mm thick jewellery wire

Round nosed pliers & cutters

18cm width by 9cm height felt, to match flower fabric

Glue gun

Needle and thread


Each flower requires 5 petals, press selected fabrics and cut out 5 circles approx. 10cm diameter.


Fold the circle in half with fabric facing right way outwards. Double up your thread and starting in one corner, stitch along the curved side at 2cm intervals, finish at the other corner.


Pull thread to join sides together, you will now see your petal shape, secure with a knot. Stitch sides closed.


Stitch the petals together at the base of the shape.

p1010713 p1010714

Add a button to the middle of the flower.


Make five petals per flower five times to produce five flowers.

To form the felt backing for the flowers, use a rounded edged side plate to draw a crescent moon shape, approx. 16cm wide by 8cm depth and 1.5cm width.

Next glue the strip of wire centrally to the felt, so there are a couple of cm over-hang on each side.

Use the round nosed pliers to create a circle shape at the ends close to the felt, then snip off any excess wire.

Starting in the middle of the felt base, use the glue gun to attach the flowers.

Cut the chain necklace in the middle using the wire cutters, then attach each end to the flower embellishment.


All rights to this project owned by The Sewing Newtork.

Project sponsored by Janome and Minerva Fabrics. 

Photography: Tiffany Mumford

Project design & styling: Hannah Read-Baldrey







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