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High Gloss Colour Block Dipped Ceramic Baubles


If like me you purchase or make a new Christmas tree decoration every year, this could really be the make for you. This year I have discovered ceramic craft baubles in a BIG way, they are all over Etsy and Not On The High Street. Some decorated, some personalised and I’ll let you in on a little secret, they are cheap to buy and decorate yourself. I’ve gone for quite a graphic decorative look on mine working with metal paint and Sparkle Medium.


Ceramic baubles ( click here)

Pink, white and black metal paint (click here)

Gold Sparkle Medium (click here)


Bakers Twine

Protective work surface such as old large egg box or metal tray.

You will also need somewhere to hang the baubles to dry, a hook is best.



Firstly make sure you have all your materials in front of you and your hook or hanging place close, with protective surface underneath. The paint will drip quite a lot and so its important to set this up now.

The baubles should come with their own ribbon to hang, you can use this whilst you are painting them then later replace it as it may get paint on it.

Open up the first colour of paint, give it a good stir then simply dip the bauble in just over half way ensuring that the line of paint is even. Pull out of the paint and hold above the tin whilst the majority of the paint drips away. Once it has stopped flowing hang it to dry. The paint will still drip away for a while.

Allow the paint to dry fully.

If you are doing a double dip, use a piece of sellotape to stick the ribbon along one side of the bauble so its angle is changed. Simply repeat the dipping process.

Once fully dry, paint the tops of the baubles with the Sparkle Medium.

They make great gifts for a stylish Christmas tree.





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