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Big & Little Polar Bear Christmas Jumpers

This year I wanted to design my husband and son a matching Christmas jumper each, then came up with the idea of a “big bear & little bear” theme. I have teamed up with the glorious Jennie Maizels iron on patches , which are so much fun for personalising practically anything. The design is to celebrate Save the Children Christmas Jumper day on December 16th.

It’s a great charity to support, by sticking on a daft sweater, signing up and donating £2 to Save the Children (£1 if you’re at school) at you’ll be saving children’s lives, and helping the charity do whatever it takes to make sure the world’s forgotten children get the chance to have a brighter future.

If your festive sweater from last year just isn’t silly enough, why not head to your nearest Save the Children store where they are calling out for people to donate their unwanted Christmas jumpers.

Don’t forget to take your photo in your jumper and Insta me @couturecraft !

YOU WILL NEED ( to make one adult and one child jumper)

1 x A4 sheets of red, gold and black iron on t-shirt vinyl

2 x A4 sheets of white vinyl ( I bought mine here )

2 x pompoms for hats

Jennie Maizels iron on letters ( buy here)


Print out the Polar Bear design onto A4 paper, one at 100% and one at 80% for the kids jumper. Click below to enlarge

Using a craft knife or a very sharp pair of scissors, cut out the head and hands from the white vinyl. The body shapes from the gold and red vinyl and a hat for your bear. Cut out the cheeks from the red and finally use the black vinyl to cut the bears features.

Put you iron on its hottest heat with no steam.

Start with the body, placing it centrally a few inches up from waistband.

Iron on head over the top of the body. To attach the face features, lay them all out at the same time on top of the white vinyl head, also lay down the hat. Using the iron hold still and cover as much of the pieces as possible at one time. You don’t want to move the iron around as it may disrupt the placement.

Now add the little white paws.

Using your letter patches, position them first then place a tea towel over the top before ironing them down.

Finally add a pompom at the top of your bears head. I made mine using some white wool and a clover pom pom maker.




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