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Free printable! Gold foil ” To your good elf ” Christmas cards

I love a bit of gold foil, lets be honest, who doesn’t. So when I decided to design my christmas cards this year, I rummaged around in the attic and pulled out my gold foiling machine. It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to use it and quite honestly the process is addictive! I bought this First Edition one from Amazon, but there are other brands available, this seemed just the most cost effective and its really easy to use.

To use the machine make sure you have a laser printer, I didn’t have one when I first purchased the machine, which was my fault but a bit annoying. So I ordered the cheapest Mac compatible one I could find, which was this one. 

This year I have designed a free printable Elf pattern, he’s just so cute. I’ve added a few stars, which give a sweet finish, also something the kids could help you with too.



Foiling Machine

Gold Foil

Laser Printer

A4 Paper

Clear Glue

Star Confetti

Plain Pre-Made Cards




Print out the pattern below onto the  A4 paper.



Cut a section of the gold foil to fit the paper, trimming away any overhang.


Follow manufactures instructions when applying the foil. But generally you need to turn on your machine to heat up, place the foil gold side up over the printout. Place another sheet of A4 paper over the top of the gold then feed slowly through the machine. Once it has come out peel away the foil to reveal the pattern.


Cut out the oval shapes.




Using a thin layer of glue on the back of the foiled elf, stick to the pre-made card.



Add some stars, wherever you fancy!


6 7 8

*Just a little reminder, this project is for personal use only, full copyright © Hannah Read-Baldrey 2016. I know you won’t, but I’ve just got to say it!


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