Scumptious Marbled Easter Chocolates 


This is a cute Eastery version of my Scrumptious Chocolate Block recipe from my book Girls' Night In. So you have seen these in expensive chocolatiers, now is the time to make your own. Using Easter shaped cookie cutters you can theme your chocolates. They make gorgeous gifts for your loved ones, or even pop them into plastic bags and scatter them around an Easter Egg Hunt! Its best to use quality chocolate for them to be absolutely scrumptious. It’s a fun one you can make to your own tastes, adding more or less of one type of chocolate and sprinkling over nuts or candied fruits for extra interest.


6 x 200g bars of best quality chocolate, dark, milk or white.


Small Easter cookie cutters

Silicone Swiss roll baking sheet

Flat baking sheet


Choose a minimum of 2 x 200g bars of the same chocolate for your base.

In separate heatproof bowls, break the chocolate into small squares and melt over steaming water. Stir until smooth.

Place the Swiss roll sheet into the metal baking sheet for stability.

Pour the base chocolate, in this case dark chocolate in first, then the milk and white, creating lines as you pour.

With a metal skewer make zigzags in lines to disrupt the chocolate.

Next sprinkle lines of 100s & 1000s along the chocolate.

Allow to cool slightly before you transport to a shelf in the fridge.

Once it is hard, remove from fridge and cut out the shapes, you can dip the metal cutters into some very hot water to make it easier to cut.

Once cut out, place back in the fridge until ready to serve. Or put into gift bags as a wonderful Easter treat!