The Great Dorset Steam Fair!


This year we visited the epic event that is the Great Dorset Steam Fair. A vast celebration of vintage steam engines, cars, food & music. This will be the second year in a row we have been, as it's great kids and oldies as a day out. Lots of rides, events and most importantly candy floss.

Although there were a few down pours, we managed to enjoy the on the whole outdoor event. We visited the amazing collection of vehicles; from vintage cars, to traditional gypsy caravans. Ted loved the old fire trucks. I love this all sweetie truck.

We also enjoyed visiting the model tent, filled with some lovely hand crafted creations. Boats, cars and fairground scenes were amongst the work.

We also visited some of the fairground rides. Centrally the retro Ferris wheel towers over the fair, it's one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Every year I try to get the perfect picture.

After enjoying some foodie delights we had a further wander. Picking up a pint of Lilly the Pink Cider.

Then it was time to head home! We had a lovely time, but my one huge complaint was the parking! It was so incredibly disorganised, with no road markings in an epic field we lost our car for a bit! Then it took us a whopping hour to exit our car park (10). Eeek!


Me, dress; Vila. Trainers; Converse.

Ted, Raincoat; Hatley. Trousers; Next.

Brendan, Raincoat; J Crew.