Beatrix Potter Paper Cut Illustration how to for International Women's Day with Sizzix


I was so delighted when Sizzix approached me to create this unique piece of papercraft to celebrate International Women’s Day. I chose Helen Beatrix Potter for a few reasons. I like many have grown up with and adored her books and illustrations, not only has she sparked imaginations of generations of children she was a business woman and pioneer. Aside from being a published author she had a strong business sense and was keen to licence her creations, she designed and made the first Peter Rabbit Doll herself in 1903 registering it immediately at the patent office. 

Always encouraged to draw from a young age by her parents she chose such beautiful subject matter from plants and animals, eventually becoming a very skilled botany illustrator. She never actually attended school, a reflection on the time, but her parents employed an Art Teacher Miss Cameron and Miss More who encouraged further her creativity. 

Over her extradentary lifetime she bought fifteen farms and took a very active role in running them. She loved nature and I can safely say spent her life doing exactly what she loved. 


2 x A2 sheet of mount board, pale blue and white

Selection of A4 card: tan, baby blue, purple, dark green, dusky pink, brown, grey, white 

Scrap of orange card

A3 sheet of black and off-white card

Sizzix dies;Midnight Hare 663316, Cat Dog Pig and Rabbit A10675, Swan 662541, Wildflower Stems 664163, Creative Backgrounds 663482.

Cutting mat


High Tack Glue

Spray mount 

Sheet of adhesive foam pads

My die selection available from

My die selection available from

Sharp paper scissors

Metal Ruler 




1.           From the off-white card cut out Beatrix’s head, height approximately 25cm. 


2.           Using the tacky glue pour a little on a paper plate and create a dabber by cutting a small piece of card to apply to the intricate shapes. From the brown card cut the hair and eyebrows, enlarge the hair to about 15cm height. Attach and add the eyebrows. 


3.           Next add the nose and inner ear details from the grey card. 


4.           Then create the blue bow from the baby blue card, you can add some detail within the bow if you wish.


5.           From the grey card add the nose and inner ear, then add the off white “inner ear 2” piece on top of the right of the ear to complete. Also add the black card the eye shape. 

6.           To create the Peter Rabbit, use the Sizzix machine to cut out the Midnight Hare Design from the tan card and from the baby blue card cut and attach a jacket shape. 


7.           To make Jemima Puddle-Duck, use the Swan die, cut the main body out of white card, the use black and orange for the beak and attach. Using the die again cut her cape from dusky pink and trim to size. Also cut the floral pattern pieces from the baby blue for the cape and buttons. Finally, hand cut a bonnet. 


8.           Mount Beatrix in the bottom centre of the A3 mountboard using the foam pads, about 2cm from the bottom edge. I like to use a big sheet of uncut adhesive foam I can cut specific sizes from, but you can use spots too.


9.           Next create the floral garland frame around the back of Beatrix, use the Wildflowers die to cut a selection of florals in purple, pink dark green and tan card. I’ve attached these with spray mount for ease but you can also use the tacky glue. 


10.       Attach your characters around the garland, I’ve also used a cat and pig from the Sizzix farm animal dies.


11.       Finally add the final details of the lace panel to Beatrix’s dress by using the dress pattern to cut out a section of the front. Then use the Creative Backgrounds die to cut into panel creating a lace effect. Mount onto baby blue card using spray mount. 


12.       Cut a circle from dusky pink card for broach and attach to lace.


13.       Then frame the illustration cutting out the centre of the second piece of mountboard, my frame was about 4.5cm wide. 


Hannah Read-Baldrey