Giant Hula Hoop Pom Pom Wreath


I have been working on this glorious wreath for quite a few evenings over the festive period, hand making the pom-poms with my pompom maker. Essentially it is pretty simple to make, but it is a project that will take you a little while to complete. So its best to grab yourself a tray, your pompom making materials and turn on the television!


Green pine garland cut to just over half size of hoop, buy here

Extra Large and Large Clover Pom Pom Maker, buy here

Wool, one average ball of wool will make approximately two extra large pompoms and 3-4 large ( I have made a large wreath consisting of 14 X large and 8 large so 9 balls of wool)

Wooden hula hoop, this one is from Ikea

Thin garden wire


Make up all your pompoms, as I mentioned this can take a bit of time to get ready so do a few a day. It's repetitive simple work so can easily be done in front of the TV or having a chat!

To construct the wreath, lay the hula hoop on a table and place the garland around the outside. You will need to measure the garland so it's just over half the circumference of the wreath, cut down to size. Use the garden wire in sections to attach garland to the hula hoop. Spread out the sprigs.

Next place pompoms roughly where you want them to go and again use the wire to attach.

Hang wreath on a nail or  using some  ribbon