Crocheted Heart & Tassel Earrings

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Show the world your love ( and your amazing crocheting skills) with this super cute pair of earrings. Once you get the technique for making these nothing will stop you making a million.


DMc natura xl wool, 

Natura wool, for the tassle

5.5 crochet needle

Pair of earring hooks

2 jump rings


To crochet the heart, you can follow the below instructions if you are a pro, or use the video at the end to help you first hand.

For the hearts...

Make a magic loop

Chain 3

Treble crochet into magic loop x3

Double crochet into magic loop x3

Treble crochet

Double crochet into magic loop x3

Treble crochet into magic loop x3

Chain 3

Pull thread tight and knot


To create tassel, wrap thinner yarn around your four fingers about 8 times. Cut a 20cm length and thread it through the loop and tie a knot. Then cut another 20cm length and wrap it round the top of the tassel, a few mms under where you have tied your securing knot. Trim ends to one length.

Tie the tassel to the bottom of the heart and attach the jump ring then earring piece to the "v" of the heart.