D.I.Y. Giant Felt Blue Himalayan Poppy

I absolutely love poppies I discovered this incredible variety this year since writing my book FlowerBomb! ( which will be out Feb 2018 with Pavilion Books). This flower looks amazing in your hair, make a bunch and pop them in a vase or wrap the wire base around a napkin for a floral fiesta!


1 sheet of 1mm thick wool felt in Cowboy Blue from Cloud Craft, click here 

1 sheet of 1mm thick wool felt in Mr Happy yellow, click here

1 sheet of 1mm thick wool felt in Brand Spanking White, click here

Hot glue gun

Garden wire

Fabric scissors

Wire cutters



Cut out 5 of the petal shapes  from the blue felt. From the white felt cut the central pistil and from the bright yellow the stamen, make slash’s with the scissors where marked.

Cut the garden wire to 25cm.

To construct the flower, run a line of glue along the side of the white pistil piece that doesn’t have the slashes in it and roll this along the tip of the garden wire, repeat with the yellow felt stamen.

Shape the petals by adding a blob of glue at the base of the petals and pinching base creating a frill effect.

Attach each of the five petals around the stamen