HAMMERED FLOWERS - The ultimate stress relief


Today I'm smashing it in lots of ways, sending out lots of emails and getting ready for the FlowerBomb! Book launch next week. There are lots of things piling up so I thought I would do a little post on hammering petals, which is a great stress buster! ( And the results are nice too!) All you need is some paper, flat watercolour paper is best. A hammer, some juicy coloured flowers and some welly!

Place the paper on a hard surface, like a wooden chopping board. Arrange the flowers on top, then another sheet of paper. Finally hammer away all your stress!

The colour that comes off the petals can be stunning. Yes over time this will go brown, so I would suggest if you've got one you love, scan it into your computer and use a lovely background.

Photo by Tiffany Mumford.