Ikea Tassel Curtain Hack


We all know curtains can be extremely expensive and Ikea is a great place to buy basic curtains at an amazing price, but sometimes, you just want to add a touch of luxury!

I've taken a basic white Triblast Curtain, that costs £35 per pair (in the UK) and added my very own touch of luxury. Heres how...


Ikea curtains

Tassel Trim, you will need 145cm per curtain, I bought mine from Etsy

Sewing machine and thread, (I use a Janome DKS100)


To create these stunning curtains simply cut a length of tassel trim to 149cm, line up the trim, under were the curtain pole hole is.


Fold trim over by 2cm to avoid fraying.


Straight stitch down the nearside of the back of the trim, theres no need to pin just go slow if your new to sewing.


Once you are close to the end fold inwards the trim to line up with the curtain hem then turn the curtains and sew another line all the way up to the top, this time close to the other side of the trim. Make sure to go slow and push tassels away from machine ensuring not to catch them in the stitch.


Finish and trim thread ends.

Press along the front of the curtain, you can use a tea towel over the top as some tassels contain plastic fibres and can melt.