Dried Flower Phone Cases


I simply love this project, it was the first one I thought of when writing my FlowerBomb! Craft book. They look like scientific studies under petrie dishes. I actually collected the giant hydrangea flowers from the beautiful Sub Tropical Gardens in Dorset, (only picking the ones that had fallen on the floor…obviously) their colours and flat shapes work well for this as the flatter the flower the better.


Clear hard shell phone case

Clear crystal resin

Very flat pressed flowers, I have used hydrangea, daisy and rose leaves

Medium paintbrush, this will be thrown away afterwards

2 disposable cups


Ice lolly stick


To begin, protect your work surface with an old newspaper paper or oilcloth. 

You will need a selection of pressed flowers. They need to be very flat with minimal raised sections such as stalks, this is to allow phone to fit comfortably back into case once it is decorated. 

To create your design, lay the phone cover in front of you so the front is facing the table. Place the flowers in the position you would like them in, then remove them from the case. 

Next use the resin to fix the flowers to the inside of the cover. To do this follow the manufacturers instructions to mix the resin and the hardener in the disposable cups. You will only need a small amount approximately 50ml. Once mixed, paint a thin layer inside the phone case, ensuring you cover the corners. Next carefully place the flowers on top of the resin, facing away from you. You can use the tweezers for extra grip and to move them around. Once in place, leave the resin to set a little for around two hours, checking every so often for air bubbles. If a little bubble appears under the flower, simply use the tweezers to push the flower down and squeeze the bubble out.

Once tacky, paint the back of the flowers with resin to seal them in. Allow to fully air dry overnight or for 12 hours.