Simple Eucalyptus Framed Mirror + Video


I love this mirror, its really simple to make and uses lovely sprigs of faux eucalyptus to bring an everlasting freshness to your home. I recently created a mini series for Hobbycraft on using faux foliage and you can watch the how to for this project as well as two others below.


30cm circular mirror plate

Faux Eucalyptus spray

2 x sheets of foam board wider than mirror


1-1.5cm natural rope

Hot glue gun


Remove any tabs from the back of the mirror using a craft knife. These are there if the mirror is used to be laid flat on a table.

From the foam board cut two circles approximately 1cm wider than your mirror.

Attach the mirror to the centre of the first foam board circle using lots of hot glue.

Wrap the rope once around the outside of the mirror cutting to size and gluing into place.

Next to one side of the other foam circle glue some sprigs of the faux eucalyptus. Also attach the string to hang by tying knots at the ends of approximately 70cm of string. Glue to the foam about half way down.

Next sandwich both the front mirror and the back foam circle together, with the eucalyptus and hanging string in the middle. Use lots of glue so its very secure.

Finally add one more wrap of rope around the outside of the first to hide any edges.


Hannah Read-Baldrey