Oh so pretty! Paper Flower Hairpiece


Heres a lovely project for spring. This oh so pretty hairpiece is just what you need to adorn yourself with the season. Now go make it, put on a floaty dress and dance around a field for a bit!


Pretty coloured thin card for flowers

Green card for leaves


Bamboo skewer

UHU or clear glue

Glue gun

Hair grip


Following the pattern below cut out 5 identical  the petal shapes. Its nice to make varying sized flowers, so for a hair grip they could vary between 2cm-3.5cm in height. Also cut out one central petal, the same height as the outer petals.


Shape the petals by using the pen to create a larger curve in the centre of the petals and the bamboo skewer to curve back the tops. Use the bamboo to curve the centre of the inner petal.

Next attach the petals together, use a blob of the UHU or clear glue at the base of one of the outer petals, then stick the base of the inner petal facing inwards to it.

Keep adding all the 5 outer petals and hold together until dry.

Repeat this for around 5 small flowers of varying sizes.

From the green card cut out a freehand some leaf shapes and use the pen to shape them a little.

To attach the flowers to the hair-grip, snip off the bases so they are flat. Arrange them before you glue them with the glue gun, placing leaves in between.

Paper Flower Hairpiece

Oh and if you would like to watch the video on this how to I did whilst I had a big tummy bump see below!


CraftHannah Read-Baldrey