Take a bow! Easy to make shoe clips


Now things are looking up weather wise, perhaps your winter wardrobe needs a bit fancy-ing up too. These clip on shoe clips are just the thing and you can make them in any colour so they are ooo sooo cute!

YOU WILL NEED per pair

35cm width by 20cm height patterned fabric

2 shoe clip bases

Superglue or glue gun

 Sewing machine required


To make the main body of the bow, cut out two rectangles of the fabric 12cm width by 20cm height. Fold in all sides by 1cm and press. Fold the longest length in half with the fabric facing the right side up, and press fold. Stitch open sides to one another as close to the edge as you can.

To make central tie, cut out a piece of the fabric measuring 4cm width by 15cm height. Fold each long side inwards by 1cm, press, then fold along the middle and press again. Stitch down along the long side only, close to the edge.

Cut this in half, fold one of the pieces in half again, then stitch closed approximately 2cm from the fold. Trim away any ends close to the stitching and turn inside out so seams are facing inwards. Repeat for second tie.

Pull the main body of the bow through the tie loop so that it sits centrally and has even folds. Its easier to pull one corner through first, instead of the whole side.

Glue the shoe clip base to the back of loop seam and allow to dry fully.

Once dry, clip to shoes and dance!