Beep! Beep! DIY London Black Cab Key Ring


Bumper to bumper with keys and no where to hang them? Then this easy to make key ring is just for you. Did you know Black Cab driver isn’t simply expected to own a clean driving licence, they must remember over 25,000 roads by name and 20,000 landmarks across London. They undergo a test called “The Knowledge” which takes around 34 months of preparation in order to pass, eek!

You will need (per key ring)

 10cm/ 14cm 1mm thick felt, black

10cm/ 7cm 1mm thick felt, and white

PVA glue & paintbrush

Split ring or key ring

Leather or hole punch

Scalpel & cutting mat

White embroidery thread

Aluminium foil

Embroidery thread

Tassel, optional


Before you can use your felt you need to stiffen it. To do so, mix 50/50 PVA and water and paint the back with the mixture. Line a surface with foil and allow to dry, overnight is best.

Print or trace template from page x, it should measure 7cm width. Use a scalpel to neatly cut out the cab from the black felt, ensure you have a cutting mat underneath. Finish any difficult curves with fabric scissors.

Stitch the bow centrally on the side of the cab.

To create the windows, mount this onto the white felt using the PVA. Allow to dry a little before cutting away shape. Repeat again with the black felt to fully stiffen key ring.

Use the leather or hole punch to create a hole at the top and push the split ring through.


98-107. Black Cab Keyring Pattern

About this project:

Made & Styled by: Hannah Read-Baldrey

Photo: Tiffany Mumford

Materials: Blooming Felt