Happy 90th Queen-ie! DIY Crown Jewels Sinamay Hat


The crown jewels are the stunning Regalia of the Kings and Queens of England; these include crowns, scepters, orbs, rings, bracelets and even swords. Decorated with the most precious of gems stones and metals. They are heavily guarded by the Yeomen Warders at the Tower of London, so why not make your own? Wether you are attending  the Queens birthday party or becoming the next monarch, this crown will be just what you need to feel the part.

You Will Need

11cm approx. round sinamay base ( this will be covered)

20cm by 20cm fun fur, in leopard print

10cm by 10cm, 1mm thick felt, black

Handful of toy stuffing

20cm by 20cm velvet, deep purple

80 approx. x 1.5mm-2mm pearl beads

24cm width by 30cm height sinamay, gold

24 large multi-colored gemstones

2 x 15mm diamanté beads

25cm, thick jewellery wire

Wire cutters and round headed pliers

Metal skewer ( optional)

Thread, black & gold

Elastic band

Wire hair grip

Glue gun

Fabric pen


Firstly, cover the round sinamay base with the faux fur. Lay the fur the wrong way around in front of you, place the base in the middle of the fur then draw a circle around the outside. Remove base and draw another circle approximately 4cm from the edge, to allow for overlap, then cut out.


Lay the faux fur circle over the top of the base and fold the excess underneath, stitch down into place.

P1010757 P1010759

Next to form the purple puff, lay the purple velvet wrong way around in front of you. Using a large handful of the toy stuffing place in the middle of the velvet, pull all corners and sides together to form a round-ish ball, close with an elastic band trim off ends.


Place centrally on top of the sinamay base, there should be a few cm’s of the faux fur showing around the outside, then stitch down. Next ornate the velvet puff with the small pearl beads, hand sew these on at approx. 1.5cm intervals forming diamond shapes.


To create the gold cross structure, cut your sinamay into 3 x 8cm width by 30cm lengths. Fold these in half, then fold sides inward to half way point, ensuring folds are good straight lines, running stitch open side closed using gold thread.


Next, attach two of the golden sinamay strips to the hat. Lay one over the top of the middle of the other to form a cross with even ends. Next place this over the top of the purple puff, so the cross sits in the centre of the hat. Fold round ends so they sit in quarter sections on the base, tuck the very ends into the purple velvet if there is room and secure by sewing a 2cm cross at the bottom to attach to the sides of the velvet. Wrap the third length of sinamay around the base covering up the ends of the cross, ensuring the overlap sits at the base of one of the cross lengths so it can be covered up with a gemstone later on. Cut away any excess sinamay, leaving a 1cm overlap, then stitch down along the top, bottom and overlap.


To make the dipped effect in the cross, use the jewellery wire and the diamanté beads. Take the round nosed pliers and make a small loop in the end of the wire, then thread one of the diamanté beads on the end. Pierce the wire through the centre of gold sinamay cross then thread the second diamanté bead underneath onto the wire. Next pierce the centre of the velvet puff with the wire and thread through and out of the centre of the sinamay base. If you have trouble doing this use a fine metal skewer to make a hole. Pull wire so second bead sits nicely on top of the velvet and close with the round nose pliers and trim of excess wire.


From the black felt, cut a circle 9cm in diameter, use the glue gun to attach this on the underside of the sinamay base to cover the ends of the faux fur & the wire.


Now all that’s left to do is encrust your crown with jewels, use the glue gun to attach at equal distances along the gold sinamay brim and along the cross. Remember to cover up the sinamay overlap on the brim with one of the gems.