Free Fashion Sewing Pattern! Pearly Queen Collar


A beautifully embellished velvet collar inspired by the pearly kings and queens of London

You Will Need

1m by 50cm, black velvet

50cm by 35cm, medium weight iron on interlining

70 Approx. 1cm mother-of-pearl buttons 30 Approx.

1.5cm mother-of-pearl buttons 8cm leather cord, black

Cotton thread, black


Sewing Machine


Fabric pen

Sewing needle


The joy about this collar and every pearly collar is that it is unique; I have used a mixture of old and newer buttons. Make up your own pattern as you go or repeat a similar one to this. Iron the velvet then iron on the interlining onto the back of the velvet, on a medium to high heat with no steam. Draw out 2 x of the collar patterns, mark pattern shape on top of the interlining, cut out allowing for 1cm seam allowance.



To join the pieces, place both velvet sides so they are facing one another and straight stitch around the sides and outside of collar leaving neck curve open. Turn right way around pushing out the points in the collar, then fold in the 1cm seam allowance on the neckline and top stitch closed, close to the edge. Press collar with a tea towel over the top on a medium heat.

PC2 copy

To attach the leather loophole & button fastening, lay the collar in front of you and on the left hand side, 1 cm down from the neckline, unpick a small hole. Thread the two ends of the leather thong through this hole, until the loop is about 2cm long. Stitch over the top with machine to secure. Attach a larger 1.5cm button on the underside of the right hand side of the collar, line up with loop so it closes evenly.


Now for the fun & labour intensive bit, to attach the mother-of-pearl buttons. Lay out your pattern before you, it helps to work in quarters to keep your design balanced. You could also draw out the design on a piece of paper. Once you are happy, simply stitch down buttons using a needle and thread. When securing the buttons, it’s best to stitch them through the hole at least three times to secure and wrap thread around underneath the button once to tighten.PQ5

STYLING TIP: Looks great with a brightly coloured dress or a cashmere jumper!

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collar side