D.I.Y. Fendi Flowerland Inspired Bag Hack! With Sizzix & Hochanda.com


As soon as I saw the Fendi Flowerland Ad on Instagram I was in love, but at around £1000 a bag they are a little out of my price range! However after attending the Sizzix demonstration at the Hochanda TV launch party, I had a little brain wave. The machine is amazing, it comes in lots of shapes and sizes and cuts endless materials from paper to leather and fabric to balsa wood!


Bag, this one was from New Look

Sizzix Machine, available here from Hochanda.com

Sizzix Flower Die, available here from Hochanda.com

Leather or Leatherette, I've used red, white and blue

Flat Back Gemstones

UHU or strong glue

METHOD ( please watch video for full instructions)

Choose your bag, I loved this round one, but it can be any shape.

To cut out the shapes from the leather using the Sizzix Big Shot machine, place die on top of the bottom cutting board. On top of the die place the leather which needs to be cut to the same size as the die. Place the second cutting board over the top and feed through the machine by turning the handle.

Once you have cut out all your flower shapes in different colours, use the UHU glue to layer them up in random order. Finally glue the gemstone to the middle.

Arrange then attach the flowers to your bag. Allow to dry fully, then off we go!