How to make a floral PomPom with Sew Yeah!


Flowers 1Pompoms have been a favourite of mine, well forever, whenever I get the chance to add a pompom trim to something I will! They are bright, fun and just so happy! Traditionally we know pompom's as relatively simple things, and with the invention of the pompom maker, it's even simpler to achieve a pretty little ball. But when I first saw my buddy Sew Yeah's new book, I firstly did a little yelp of delight at simply how pretty her designs are, but also a ghasp at how complicated they can get, she challenges her readers throughout the book, getting harder and harder as it goes on. Starting with simple fork pompoms moving up to the insanely cute "Hey Birdie" design.

The book is design has a modern-geometric feel, which is classic of Christine Leech's work, she is a wonderful graphic designer and Art Director so has a strong eye for detail.

You can buy her new book Pompomania here. It's so cute!

You will need

DK-weight acrylic yarn in the following colours: emperor, shrimp, apricot, sage, cream, white, peach

9cm (3 ½in) diameter pompom maker



Wind 10 wraps of emperor in a wedge in centre of front maker.


Wind 12 wraps of emperor and peach together over wedge.


Wind 10 wraps of shrimp next to wedge on left.


Wind 80 wraps of shrimp back and forth across maker in a wedge with widest part towards RHE and leaving a gap at RHE.


Wind 20 wraps of sage to Wind 50 wraps of shrimp fill gap at RHE. at LHE, leaving a gap at LHE.


Wind 20 wraps of peach to cover but NOT fill gap at LHE.


Wind 30 wraps of peach over left third of maker, leaving a small gap at LHE.IMG_2222

Wind 20 wraps of sage to fill remaining empty gap at LHE.


Wind 20 wraps of sage over point where peach and shrimp meet on previous layer.


Wind 200 wraps of cream to fill maker. Fill back maker with cream. Complete pompom.


Floral pompoms look gorgeous neatly trimmed, but also have a certain charm left untrimmed.


If preferred, trim flower into a neat round. Keep trimming until you are happy with shape.