D.I.Y. "Carrie" Tulle Skirt


  This is a little homage to “that skirt” worn famously by Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. This skirt looks great paired with a cashmere jumper in the winter or a cute t-shirt in the summer. It's pretty simple to make too!




1.5m wide approx, by 9m length tulle netting, black

25m satin bias binding, black

7cm-8cm wide elastic, the circumference of waist size

Machine cotton thread, black

Elastic thread, black

Embroidery thread, any colour

Sharp embroidery needle, with head big enough for elastic thread

 Bias binding machine foot , optional


Sewing machine required


Cutting this tulle can be tricky, so follow the instructions carefully.

To make the circular layers of the skirt, fold the tulle at 1.5m intervals, or the same as the width length. Staple the sides of each layer as you go to hold into place. It’s best to do this on the floor or wherever you have lots of space as there is a lot of fabric.

Once layered up, you should have 6 sections, you can add more if you want a fuller skirt. Neatly trim away the corners forming the large circles of the skirt.

To create a couture style finish use the black satin bias binding to cover the raw edges, to make this easy use a bias binding foot on your sewing machine. If you don’t wish to use the binding skip this step. To attach the bias binding, I would strongly suggest using a bias binding foot for your sewing machine, as there is so much to apply, otherwise you can add the traditional way.

To create the waistband, pull the elastic around your waist so it is a little taut, leaving 1cm seam allowance either side cut away excess elastic. Using the sewing machine stitch together sides. Cut down seam allowance to .5cm then zigzag stitch or overlock both sides together, turn right way around.

Attach the skirts to the waistband; place all six skirts on top of one another. Then fold them in half, then in quarter. Approx. 20cm from the point, cut a quarter circle, or curved line. Open up the skirts and you should have a round waist hole in the middle.

Next, double up the embroidery thread and loosely stitch from about 3cm away from the edge. Pull this to the required waist size to create loose pleats, knot ends together, this will be cut away later.

Pin the skirts to the elastic waistband, placing them underneath so that the embroidery thread is just above the bottom. Double up the elastic thread and straight stitch along the front bottom line of the elastic waistband, twice. Underneath, cut away excess tulle to 1cm from the bottom of the waistband and pull out any of the remaining embroidery thread.

Wear with back slip underneath.



Craft, SewingHannah Read-Baldrey